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Getting Married Soon? Check Out This List Of Best 10 Destinations For Honeymooners

Oct 21 • 16 Views • Comments

Let’s face it, the honeymoon trip is one of a kind, maybe the best trip you make your entire life and those who have the money and time to pick and choose one of...

Ice Hotel   Google Search

Amazing Five Frozen Hotels Made Of Snow And Ice, Would You Spend A Night There?

Booking a hotel room can be a big responsibility sometimes! got to be very careful with the details and make sure that you’r getting...

Oct 19 • 4061 Views

World s Most Expensive Penthouse in Monaco   YouTube

Take A Look Inside The World’s Most Expensive Apartment. Truly Amazing!

The world’s most expensive apartment is located in the smallest country in the world (excluding the Vatican), Monaco punches way...

Oct 18 • 4352 Views

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Scientists Discover Origins of Sex  Not Missionary Position

Amazing Discovery About The Origins of Sex. And Not, It’s Not Missionary Position

Oct 22 • 12 Views • Comments

Scientists have traced the origins of sex to an ancient fish called Microbrachius dicki, or M. Dicki, pioneered intercourse (kind of) as we know it 385 million years...

القدس   alquds

These Pictures Will Make Your Heart Melt! Total Cuteness.

Family is a blessing! well not all families, some are really pain in the ass but we are not talking about us...

Oct 15 • 32642 Views

British parrot missing for four years returns speaking Spanish   Telegraph (1)

A British Parrot Returns Home After Missing For Four Years, Speaking A New Language, Spanish!

After missing for four years, the lost parrot reunite with his British owner who found out that his bird doesn’t...

Oct 14 • 29620 Views

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